Courage Through A Lens

COVER2It is not often that you are part of something so emotional and inspirational. Kicking off breast cancer awareness month, my lovely wife Kiki finished her breast cancer treatment on Wednesday and finished her photographic journal of this fight the same day. Kiki’s goal is to visualise her breast cancer journey for other, to inspire and encourage them, and above all to embrace life for all its beauty. Her e-book “Courage Through A Lens – A breast cancer journey” was published last Sunday. Kiki’s story has featured in all the News Media papers across Australia and on many social media.

Part proceeds of the book will go to breast cancer research, the other will be used to fund Kiki’s next project. The responses and reviews have been overwhelming.  Her e-book and the reviews can be found on As I could not have said it better myself I have shared one review below:

“Kiki is not only an amazing photographer, but also one of the most positive people I ever met. Cancer is a horrible disease that has hit many people around me, and although not all were lucky enough to beat it, those that did came out of it with a new and better focus on what is important in life. Kiki brings this feeling to the reader, and along that brings you to the most intimate moments of the treatments and all the emotions and decisions around it. I am amazed with her courage and positivity throughout the whole journey, that I followed already on Facebook for months. For all of you that want to see and feel what it is like for all others to fight this disease: buy this book. It will help you prepare for it all and will surely inspire you to think positive – because that in itself is the best thing one can do!”

PS. Everything Aussie will be back soon!

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